According to a World Retail Banking Report, 57% of consumers prefer internet banking, up from 49% pre-COVID-19, a much bigger jump from the slow and steady upward trend. As a result, many banks, credit unions and financial services are moving to, or experimenting with, platform-based models that can swiftly improve innovation, growth, profits and operational efficiency.

Adopting solutions like ASAPP’s AOS + LOS software are ways that credit unions and banks can bridge the gapan omnichannel service delivery platform that offers the same customer service standards that credit unions are known for in online, mobile and branch environments. Here are just a few of the ways ASAPP is helping transform financial institutions like yours to adapt to new consumer demands:


ASAPP OXP™ enables online account and loan origination. Members no longer need to make the trip in to brick and mortar branches (although they still can if they choose). Now they can add new accounts and products, including loans and mortgages from virtually anywhere. It’s just easier and more convenient. And that flexibility leads to more member accounts, loans and deposits.


Another great feature of ASAPP OXP is that it’s a white-label platform that fits seamlessly within your brand environment. It’s completely configurable, so you bring it to life in a way that’s reflects your brand and is familiar to your members.


Beyond initial implementation and configuration, our team of experienced support specialists are here to help our Client-Partners achieve success. Our goal is to help you improve the everyday banking experience by making it easier than ever to apply for products and services online.


We’ve taken every step to protect and safeguard our members’ information and data. people using ASAPP can rest assured that the platform is just as secure as an in-person transaction at your branch.


We take pride in the fact that ASAPP OXP is the most complete omnichannel experience platform in Canada. One of the ways we add value is through optional Platform Strategy solutions designed to boost your ROI from ASAPP.


The ASAPP team is always looking ahead and evolving. We aren’t only thinking about what will drive success today; we’re also thinking what will drive success in the future. With that in mind, we have so many exciting integrations and features planned, including customer relationship management, enterprise content management and much more.

There’s no disputing that Covid is driving more and more people to do their banking online. Is your credit union or financial service ready to meet this ever-increasing expectation? A platform solution like ASAPP can be a fast, cost-effective way to update legacy infrastructure and create a more modern customer journey.