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We offer two hosting options for the ASAPP OXP™ solution: Common and Segregated Hosting. While both options deliver a safe, secure and reliable infrastructure choice, the Common Hosting Environment is included in the monthly software licensing fees at no additional cost. Whereas, the Segregated Hosting Environment delivers additional performance commitments for your credit union’s instance of ASAPP. With either option, you never have to worry about installing, updating or maintaining applications.

ASAPP’s Hosting Services include:

  • Maintaining regular backups of all application data captured at least once daily
  • Ensuring security of all data contained on the application or related database
  • Executing data and site recovery processes in the event of a disaster or failure
  • Managing the application’s DNS
  • Purchasing and implementing SSL certificates if required for the application
  • Monitoring site performance and availability 24/7/365
  • Provisioning of IIS Webserver and Microsoft SQL Database server virtual machines
  • Ensuring that hosting services shall be available on a regular and continuous basis 


Common Hosting Environment Features

Robust & secure hosting environment

All ASAPP web and database servers are hosted through Microsoft Canada’s Azure Cloud Services. Our primary data center is located in the Azure Canada Central region, ensuring all production data will remain resident in Canada.

Reliable back up & disaster recovery

You can rest assured your data is regularly backed up and tested so it can be recovered in case of emergency. Our disaster recovery services and backups are stored in the Azure Canada East region.

Disaster recovery based on industry best practices

The following targets are maintained by ASAPP with regards to disaster recovery procedures and testing: Recovery Time Objective (RTO): 4.00 hours. Recovery Point Objective (RPO): 0.25 hours.

Compliant with industry regulations

ASAPP maintains hosting in a SOC 2 compliant, SSAE-audited facility and provides a copy of the SOC 2 certification report annually and conducts, through an independent third-party, an annual IT security assessment of the hosting environment. The results of the third-party assessment are made available annually via ASAPP’s Client-Partner Confluence Document Sharing Portal within 30 days of completion.

Uptime targets

Through the ASAPP hosting arrangement with Microsoft Canada (Azure), uptime accessibility equal to or in excess of 99.9% each month is targeted. While no SLA is provided for the Common Hosting Environment, on a best-efforts basis, ASAPP aims to maintain an unplanned downtime level below 1% or less than 7.2 hours per month.

No additional cost

The Common Hosting Environment is included in your ASAPP monthly licensing fees.

Segregated Hosting Environment Features - Includes Everything Above Plus

SLA uptime guarantee

On a monthly basis, ASAPP shall ensure that the uptime shall be equal to or in excess of 99.0% each month or ASAPP shall provide a 25% rebate on monthly hosting fees that have been invoiced and paid, plus applicable taxes.

Dedicated infrastructure

Your credit union’s instance of ASAPP will be deployed on a unique VM for the web and database servers. Server traffic, load and stability will be monitored and managed specifically for your credit union.

Capacity and performance

Your capacity and system performance around accepting and managing new AOS and LOS applications will be enhanced allowing you to meet higher expected origination volume.

Additional cost

At $4,500 per month plus applicable taxes, our Segregated Hosting Environment fees ensure a worry-free deployment and ongoing use of ASAPP in a high-performance environment.

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